Thursday, August 26, 2010

✿ Basic Concept on Integrating Technology in Instruction ✿

Lesson 4

Integrating Technology in teaching means the use of technologies to introduce reinforce supplement and extend skills.

No Integrative Process–if for example teachers make the students play a computer games to give them a rest period during classes.

External Manifestation of Technology
●    There’s a change in the way classes are traditionally conducted.
●     The quality of instruction is improved to a higher level in such way that could not have been achieved without educational technology.
●     There is planning by the teacher on the process of determining how and when technology fits into the teaching learning process
●    The teacher sets instructional strategies to address specific instructional issues/problems.
●    The use of technology provides the opening to opportunities to respond to these instructional issues/problems.
●     In sum, technology occupies a position (is a simple or complex way) in the instructional process.

Levels of Integration

Simple/basic integration
In this example, there is no substantial change in the teaching-learning process from previous method. While technology helps, it does not play a pivotal role.

Ms. Cruz wants to show photos in her Social Studies class, but the pictures are small. She decides to use the computer, scan the photos for a computer projection to the class (a presentation Software package).

Result: Good class presentation followed by a discussion.

Middle Level Integration
There is purposeful use of technology to support the learning areas.

Geography teachers, Ms. Sioson fine it difficult to motivate her students to learn about other countries. Her supervisor suggested an instructional simulation software in which students plays detectives to solve mysteries related to Geography. Ms. Sioson used the computer-based material also designed worksheets and question-answer sheets to find out that students experience in the learning process.

Result: An exciting group learning activity.

In this example, Technology is the central instructional tool

To dish out information on the Asean   Region, Mr. Lopez assigned newsletter computer production by group.

Result: Increased social skills through group work planning, creativity, computer skills.

             To reflect, it may need time for teachers who are novices in technology integration to become adept technology instructional integrators. There is no need to worry since technology integration is developmental and takes a gradual route to mastery and expertise. In time, teachers can advance from basic to more complicated levels of technology use in instruction.

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