Sunday, September 5, 2010

✿ An Overview: Educational Technology 2 ✿

Lesson 2

Educational technology 2 is concerned with "Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning”. Specifically this is focused in introducing, reinforcing, supplementing and extending the knowledge and skills to learners so that they can become exemplary users of educational technology.
Necessarily, Educational Technology 2 will involve a deeper understanding of the computer as well as hands on application of computer skills. But this is not to say that the goal of the course is to promote computer skills. Rather, the course is primarily directed at enhancing teaching-and-learning through technology integration.
In essence, the aims to infuse technology in the student teacher  training ,helping them to adapt and meet rapid and continuing technological changes, particularly in thriving global information and communication technology(ICT) environment.


·  To provide education in the use of technology in instruction by providing knowledge and skills on technology integration-in-instruction to learners.
·  To impart learning experiences in instructional technology supported instructional planning.
·  To acquaint students on information Technology or IT related learning theories with the computer as a tutor.
·  To learn to use and evaluate computer-based educational resources.
·  To engage learners on practical technology integration issues including managing IT classrooms, use of the internet for learning, cooperative learning through the use of information technology.
·  To inculcate higher-level thinking and creativity among students while providing them knowledge of IT related learning theories.

            The study of this course on integrating Information technology in instruction should not be considered as a formidable task but rather as a refreshing and exciting study given the idea that all learning should be fun.

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